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01/03/10 12:49 AM #1    

Gerald (Gerry) Greenhouse


02/14/10 03:11 PM #2    

James Selevan (Selevan)

Howard - you are correct. That's how I remember it.

Jim S.

07/18/10 10:27 PM #3    


Leslie Birenbaum (Birenbaum)

From Leslie Birenbaum


We often speak of the after school things. I was just thinking about my path to SBHS and who the teaches were along the way. South Beach elementary I was in the cottage for Mrs Taylors 6th grade. Met Arthur Shank, now Webb who lives in LA and we are intouch a couple times a month. Central beach, also for the 6th Grade, can't remember much about that school except that I was on the safety patrol. Ida M Fisher was full of fun things inparticular the trips to flamingo park for swimming. I remember the science teacher who had 2 hearing aids and the math teacher Mr Alchin who always would say to vegitate instead of just be quiet. We used to clim out the window while he tried to control use. I had a friend Stanley King from Jr High but lost track of him a few years ago. I also remember getting kickout of choir and my introduction to violin with Mrs Danino. Her favorites wer Exodus and the March from Carmin. Played that instrument for 5 years.

South Beach High had many colorful teachers. Mrs Johnson, English Teache, told us the the american indians were really Jewish. Mr Novak in science was the playboy teacher. Also how can I forget all of those teaches that would say, your sister Elaine was a much better student than you, why was that?

Bowling team was also a lot of fun.


08/25/18 06:31 PM #4    


Ellen Silver (Gottlieb Israel)

Hi everyone, I see that Sylvia Brinberg and I share the same birthday, Sept. 16th. who knew. I want to wish all the kids a Happy & Healthy 70th. What the hell happened? We just graduated Beach Hi. So stay well and happy. Love to all, Ellen Silver (Israel)

08/26/18 08:59 AM #5    


Sylvia Brinberg (Haller)

Hi, Ellen Silver (Gottlieb Israel) - My birthday is August 5 - so it is not the same as yours wink.  Happy Birthday and best to both of us on our new dedade!heart

08/27/18 01:13 PM #6    


Ellen Silver (Gottlieb Israel)

Hi Sylvia, I am so sorry I thought I read we had the same birthday. See don't get old, I'm gettin' a little sideways! Anyway, Happy Happy to you. My birthday always falls between the High Holidays this year is no exception. So I will see maybe a plurge at the Forge. As always, Ellen

09/16/18 08:02 PM #7    


Ellen Silver (Gottlieb Israel)


Hi everyone, today is my birthday (9/16) not that I recognize the 70 number. Still standing. Love to all. Ellen Silver (Israel


09/17/18 09:04 AM #8    

Rosanne Shulman (Lubin)

Happy Birthday Ellen!!  I know ‘70’ is kind of hard to believe...but guess we are lucky to have reached it!  You look super and hope Life is wonderful for you!   Rosanne

09/17/18 01:57 PM #9    


Ellen Silver (Gottlieb Israel)

Hey Rosanne, good to hear from you. Thank you very much for the well wishes. Miss you, Love, Ellen

04/04/19 02:11 PM #10    


Ellen Silver (Gottlieb Israel)

Hello everyone, I just read Margie's email regarding Barry Small. I am so sorry to hear about his passing he will be missed. Barry was a kind and gentle soul. My thoughts go out to his family at this most difficult time. Love to all. Ellen Silver Israel

10/07/21 11:32 AM #11    


Ellen Silver (Gottlieb Israel)

So sorry to hear of his passing. Richard Garrett was such a kind and sweet individual. I remember his sense of humor very well, you can't learn that either you have it or you don't. Such accomplishments in such a short amount of time. My heart goes out to his family & friends that knew him well. Richard will be missed there is now a huge hole where Richard stood. In lieu of flowers I will make a donation. Love you all. Ellen Silver Israel

12/08/21 01:38 PM #12    


Ellen Silver (Gottlieb Israel)

I am so very sorry to hear about Susie Silverberg's passing. We were good friends, I remember we had a sleep over at her home on the Venetian Causeway, her mother & younger brother were very nice. I will miss her very much. Ellen Silver Israel

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