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Steven Mankes

Steven Mankes


Submitted by Margie Schulman

I am saddened to inform you that Steven Mankes passed away Tuesday, December 22, 2015. He was not doing well in the rehab facility and was rushed to the hospital Sunday, December 20th. As Ellen Silver Gottlieb stated, 

 " WE will ALL miss Stevie very much".

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12/28/15 04:55 PM #7    

Mark Friedman

Growing up woth Steve was an honor. When we were kids, I realized what a tremendous friend I had in Steve. A constant smile on Steve's face made everyone's day a little brighter. Even when he lost his finger in shop class that sidelined his promising career in baseball, that smile never dimmed. I'm sure it never will. Rest In Peace, My Dear Friend. You will ALWAYS BE MISSED!

Mark Friedman

12/28/15 06:17 PM #8    

Tiki Stern (Lyons)

Baruch Dayan Emet.. 
I was so saddened to hear this heartbreaking news. Remembering Steve will always be with a smile because he always and I mean always had a smile on his face and kind word for everyone.
What a Prince of a man. One of my favorite Beach High friends.. A real mensch!!
My sincere condolences to his dear family.
Tiki Stern Lyons

12/29/15 03:05 PM #9    

Diane Guttman (Gomez)

Although I too have not seen Steve since high school I always remember his rosy cheecks and kind and warm smile.  I remember when he used to come overr to my house on 85th Street and play my mom's piano.  The day he ran past me in the office holding his hand and finger after the accident in shop class still sticks in my mind,  My condolences to his family and I am sure that Heaven was happy to welcome an Angel like Steve.

12/29/15 03:13 PM #10    

Wendy Unger

While always saddened by the loss of a school friend, I was particularly struck by Steve's death.  He's one of the people who was always around. since Treasure Island days. And the finger loss story was especially close, since it was my Dad, who did the surgery to reattach his finger.  What a great guy!  We will miss him! Sending special prayers of healing to his family. 

12/29/15 06:26 PM #11    

Susan Kessler (Renkoff)

Growing up with Steven was so much fun . We lived down the street from each other. May he rest in peace. Our sympathies to his family. The Renkoffs

12/30/15 08:31 AM #12    

Sylvia Brinberg (Haller)

Steven Z"L - May G-d console the Mankes' family, together with all those that mourn Zion and Jerusalem. Blessed is the True Judge.

01/01/16 09:51 PM #13    

Dr. Phillip Mirmelli

To the Menkes family.  I am deeply saddened to hear of Steve's untimely passing. He always wore a genuinely warm smile and expressed love to all those around him. He embraced his Jewish heritage and had a heart filled with love for all those around him. A great loss for us all. Baruch Dayan Emet.

Philip mirmelli


01/02/16 12:00 PM #14    

Meryl Weston (Deutsch)

So very saddened by the loss of Steven Mankes.  He was truly a very special man He was good friend in High School. He always had a smile on his face and only kind words to say.  He will be missed by all that knew him.  My prayers are with him and his family.

01/02/16 12:02 PM #15    

Rosalind Merritt

Steve:  a wonderful guy who gave his heart to all of us just with his smile and innate warmth toward everyone.  In recent years when I would be doing a grocery run at Publix, we'd often run into each other, then have a 15-20 minute talk about our lives, about Judaism, about work, etc.  He'd laugh when I'd tell him we must have mental telepathy about it, because neither of us ever had a set agenda to be at the grocery!  Steve worked for some years at an assisted living facility in North Miami that my father had constucted back when we all were in high school.  Other times he'd express surprise to learn I was studying Torah, and how I know some of his friends whom I'd met at the Jewish Community Center. He talked about his wife and children. When he told me he acquired onset diabetes, I encouraged him to take care of himself, because my mother lived with it for 25 years.  I was shocked to learn he passed so soon.  Rest in Peace, my friend....  

01/02/16 01:08 PM #16    

Andrea Kaufman (Carmel)

Rest in peace Steve Mankes. When I moved to Florida he was one of my fellow students that always made me feel like he really cared to help me find friends and be happy!! He was always smiling and had such a welcoming way! When we met again at the reunions I so enjoyed talking with him. He will be deeply missed by all. My condolences to his wife and children I will never forget him.

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