Classmates Rock!


  Good memories?

Rick Sender and Elliot Fisch


Elliot Fisch and Sandy Winters

Roz Merritt and Marcia


Richard Zinn and Roz Merritt

Nancy Applebaum Gabor and husband,_______.


   Sheldon Kahan and Margie Schulman


 Richard Zinn'65.


 Roz Schwartz Jacobi and Richard Garrett

Jay (Jacob) Casselhoff and Arthur  Litowitz

Denise Courshon and Margie Schulman

Jimmy Robbins and Barry Gottlieb


                     Sheldon and John



Woolworth 1957 Menu
1950s Sandwich Menu from Woolworth's 


 Note the complete lack of any mention of hamburger!!!  

1950's Sandwich Menu from Woolworth's....Our Generation's Fast Food            

Pass this on to your kids and grandkids...they may have a hard time believing it!
If any of  you have doubt about what we kids paid for a coke and a sandwich at Woolworths ( How many don't know what Woolworth's was?) in the 1950's, here's proof of the era we lived in........

Can you 
 Believe it was in ENGLISH ONLY!!!!!!


Good memories?



Yes....Good Memories....(L to R )Rick Sender, Elliot Fisch, Judy Bezark, Bruce Kusens and Nancy Grossman. 
 More photos soon...revisit this section of the site at a later date. Thanks